The Sound of Intergalactica Lives in Kepler Gods’ first album.

Ma Li

Nikola Tesla quotes “If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.” Kepler Gods are those who master the essence of energy, vibration and frequency through the practice of Techno Tai Chi*. Their finest creation—a debut double vinyl album--is now ready to be presented to the world.

Kepler Gods are interdisciplinary artists trained to become Spiritual Techno Queer icons, produced by a community based in Berlin called Kepler 452b. Named after the recently discovered, potentially habitable super-earth planet, this community names as its mission the transportation of humanity to tomorrow, to the potential of Kepler, to the collective dreamworlds made possible by our joined imaginations and actions.

How do they do it? By creating immersive, interactive dreamworlds aka performance-raves around the world. The aim of these events is to create magical spaces for the top 300 intergalactic influential ravers to connect with each other and open the next chapter of humanity.

Initiated by artist Ma Li in 2017 in Berlin, Kepler 452b has hosted 14 art happenings in 6 major cities in the context of electronic music and art festival, and cultivated members around the world. These fully orchestrated events are presented as journeys to planet Kepler. By raising the vibration and frequency, Kepler gods assist their audience as they reach for their highest authentic self-expression. The journey is essentially a joyride; raving through the transformation offered by personal freedom and collective action. When individuals complete the upgrade to super-self, humanity today takes a step toward super-Earth.

If you want to experience the unique Kepler vibes but haven’t had a chance to join our events, you can now do it from home! With collective wisdom, Kepler 452b has pressed a special edition double-vinyl from Kepler artists around the world. Your journey of deep listening will take you flying through the screamings over the old city of Jerusalem, floating up to a state of intergalactic weightlessness, then landing on Rollerberger Straße in Berlin. The journey is an unpredictable trip traveling between time and space, heritage and future, death and lucid dream. 

The album curates an interesting mix of artists, from Berlin Queer Icon MIKEY, to Chinese Empress of Techno MIIIA. From hidden talent Google nerd National Park System, to energetic Middle Eastern flavor Tropikal Camel. 

The philosophy of the community is explained by the title, 八仙过海,各显神通 (8 gods crossing the sea, each demonstrating their unique superpower). Borrowing from a Chinese idiom of a folklore, the story is a metaphor for a community of talented, powerful individuals that genuinely support each other in their highest pursuit—a community of collective-individualism. 

*Developed first as a series of participatory performance, Techno Tai Chi is a practice created by Ma Li to raise vibrational frequency by channeling and transmuting positive energy. 


Press Release, 14.02.2019

Why do we create a Chinatown in Berlin?

Ma Li
Kepler 452b—Chinatown Special

There is no Chinatown in Berlin, but there is on Kepler 452b. After taking off from San Francisco, Shanghai, and Tel Aviv, the Kepler space shuttle is ready to lift-off again in Berlin, from Club OST all the way to Cathay!

On Feb 22, 2019 at 11 p.m. a space shuttle will take off from Club OST in Berlin to discover Chinatown on planet Kepler 452b

Chinatowns have a social function as gateways to new immigrants from Asian countries, guardians of heritage and places of complex and developing communities. Chinatowns are disrupting systems, breaking with linear thinking while simultaneously opening up new spaces through which something or even someone transformed and new might appear. The existence of places like Chinatowns taps into the psyche of urban landscapes haunting the spaces between past and present, space and time. This cultural clash contributes to ethno-cultural diversity to create an open and tolerant climate in which empathy and creativity can flourish. By illuminating this cultural uniqueness Kepler wants to foster the imagination of a futuristic Chinatown to inspire a transition from a reactive to a proactive approach to immigration and ethnocultural diversity on a socio-political level.

Kepler 452b invites you to celebrate the Lunar New Year and personal transformation through cultural exchange! Initiated in 2017 by artist Ma Li, Kepler 452b is a global art community that is creating multi-location art happenings in a techno party context. Each event is orchestrated as a journey to planet Kepler 452b. Audiences will be lead through an experience with integrated elements and an emphasis on participation, blurring the line between performers and participants. Through collective imagination and action the audience wanders metaphorically, spiritually, and emotionally through the universe to planet Kepler 452b. Within fifteen months there have been eleven Kepler events created in five major cities with around one hundred Kepler members around the world. Kepler 452b Founder and Art Director Ma Li was chosen and trained for almost two decades in China as an organizer for Chinese-communist style community building, military training, school events and publications, choir, sports meeting and dance groups. Mal Li explains “the individualism in San Francisco freed me to become an artist. Relocating to Berlin inspired me to pursue a lifelong practice of building a community that embraces collective-individualism!”


In traditional Chinese culture, hundreds of gods and goddesses with different superpowers and responsibilities are celebrated and worshiped during Lunar New Year. In this special journey, audiences will be led by various godlike Kepler 452b agents to explore a banquet of art, performances and techno at Club OST in Berlin.

At 11 p.m., an intimate launching ceremony will be hosted by Yola Karageorgieva aka Tekno Pet, who will prepare our audience’s mind and body for space travel with breathing techniques. This is followed by the Elven entity Mataya Waldenberg, who creates a sonic cosmic dream space. Berlin’s queer icon Mikey Woodbridge AKA MIKEY’s voice fuses the primal power of shamanic ritual with the astral soundscapes of visionary trans/trance pop, creating a tender intimate sphere that speaks about the nostalgia and fears of being stigmatised by human society.

Drawing inspiration from Sufi Whirling - a physical meditation imitation of planets in the solar system orbiting the sun - Egyptian performer Shaban Ra will lead the audiences into a trance space to connect with the music, god and oneself, through a timeless love story. Accompanying music will be brought to you by BEAT MOVEMENT, a duo composed of Italian artists Mattia Prete & Simone Scardino. Contributing to the party scene in Rome and South Italy since the age of 13, their style was heavily inspired by the sound of the 90s with fast grooves made for the dancefloor and electronic Jazz. Ma Li will teach the audience in a techno tai chi workshop how to generate positive energy and transmutate it into Qi.

Kepler DJ Tunisian-raised artist Dhia combines his spirituality, culture and history with contemporary sonic waves to construct a unique soundscape, taking the audience out of this solar system into outer space. Israeli performer Ali Heffetz’s works examine the threads between bodies, textures and sounds, touching topics related to emotional patterns and varieties of mindset. Her cyborg character will touch your deepest desires and fears whilst freeing you from it. Icelandic artist Gígja Jónsdóttirexplores contemporary social structures and life values through the concepts of reality and fiction, facts and fantasies, rules and chance. She will create a moment of collective sonic experience with the voice and bodies of the audience.

Kepler resident DJ Até, with her dynamic bass, industrial notes and hard rhythms will speed up the travel as we get closer to our destiny. In the middle of this journey, The ANKH, Founder of London publication Desire Homme, will showcase his debut performance in Berlin. By creating connectivity with and between audiences, his mission is to bring light to humanity during space travel. Dressed as a godlike creature, artist Ash Higginson will perform spoken word with music by Callum Stonethat combines the mundane and transcendental, past and future, to mentally prepare you for the landing.

Towards the end a nostalgic set combining 90s rave, french underground and industrial techno will close the night by Kepler’s newest resident DJ MORTA. Throughout the whole journey, the audience will be able to receive psychedelic Reiki massage by Reiki master Nina Kim on the dancefloor with full body vibrations. Space travel guide Miss Spacy Rebecca Jamila will guide you along the journey while Kepler Energy Officer Lee Lester will check your level of positive energy. Look out for the intergalactic talent hunter Pablo Cadavid Antia to create queer icons in the Kepler 452b Chinatown photo booth!

Date: 22.02.2019
Time: 11 p.m.
Location: Club OST Alt-Stralau 1-2, 10245 Berlin
Facebook Event: Kepler 452b–Chinatown Special
Instagram: kp452b
Contact: info@kepler452b.org
Website: https://www.facebook.com/kepler452b.org/



Launching Ceremony for a Future City

Kepler 452b (the exoplanet) is a "super earth" located 1,400 light years away that humans could potentially inhabit.

Kepler 452b (the event series) is an ambitious and exciting new art+electronic music festival series launched by the multidisciplinary artist Ma Li, spanning 3 geographic continents as well as even farther reaches of internal space.

Using planetary migration as a metaphor, each Kepler 452b event begins with a program of performance art, lecture, workshop and concludes with a Berlin style electronic dance floor excursion courtesy of world renowned DJs and electronic musicians. The first iteration of this new series in September 2017 was a huge success, simultaneously liberating the performance artists from the often stodgy confines of the gallery while also enabling the guests to embark on a long form journey of self transformation. Attendees wandered through a dreamworld of art installations in a new world, a new planet created in a former factory space, joined techno tai chi workshops, and celebrated the launch of Kepler452b with a dream line-up that could only exist in the future.

The next edition of Kepler 452b, "Launching Ceremony for a Future City", will be held on March 16. Guests will begin their transformation after entering one of Berlin's most historic places, the Funkhaus, a broadcast center, that was built and operated during the GDR times. New outfits and body paints will be provided. Performances by Audrey Chen, M Lamar, Amelia Emma Forrest and Kepler founder Ma Li will be interspersed with lectures by Yalda Mousavinia from Space Cooperative and Tatiana from Hedone Berlin, culminating in DJ sets by Lady Starlight, Antenes, Borusiade, Miiia, Sestrica, and Grand River. Fashion exhibition and installations will be provided by fashion designers Florian Mathe, Laura Stellacci, Chaz Aracil, Jon Marmol, Nelson Santos and many more.

With any luck "Launching Ceremony for a Future City" will collapse time, space, and perceptions of who we are and what is possible.


Lady Starlight (live), Borusiade, Antenes, MIIIA, Sestrica (live), Grand River, M Lamar, Audrey Chen


Florian Máthé,

Chaz Aracil,

David Henze

,Jon Marmol,

Nelson Santos

,Laura Stellacci


Cryptocurrency and Space Settlements of the Future

by Yalda Mousavinia

Yalda Mousavinia is a co-founder of Space Cooperative, an international worker-owned cooperative developing a network to enable global collaboration on large-scale space missions. The network will utilize blockchain technology to track mental and financial contributions from the dynamic number of participants, and will include democratic self-governance. Prior to co-founding Space Cooperative, Yalda was a Senior Product Manager at Oracle where she created solutions for the Enterprise Resource Planning cloud software suite. Her career as a product manager and designer for software companies spans 10 years. She earned her Bachelor of Science degree in Mechanical Engineering from UC Berkeley and an Astronautical Engineering Certificate from UCLA.

Lessons from Tantric Metaphysics for New Socio-cultural and Economic Realities
by Tatiana

Tatiana is an entrepreneur and high-tech innovation professional with trans-local roots. She brings to Kepler her insights on networks models and organisational structures, combined with her passion and exploration on the metaphysics of power (such as those found in Tantric teachings), for a pragmatic call to action and self mastery for the future of our community.


Location: Funkhaus Berlin

Nalepastraße 18 12459 Berlin

Date: 16 March 2018, 18 - 9

Exhibition by Young Designers: 18 - 20

All female DJ Lineup: 23 - 8

Queer Artists Performance Program: 1 - 5


KEPLER 452b — A happening, a protest, a fantasy of planetary migration

23 September 2017, 6pm–8am, WBB, Berliner Straße 80–82, Berlin

Kepler 452b is a sixteen-hour immersive imaginary spaceflight combining art, fashion, and music. Using the metaphor of space migration, Kepler 452b will create a venue for envisioning possible futures defined by openness, inclusion, diversity and collective-individualism. Kepler 452b will launch on September 23, 2017, at 6pm in Berlin.

Discovered by NASA in 2015, Kepler 452b is a potentially habitable super-earth that is 1400 light years away. The night throughout which the event takes place will be separated into three chapters: launching from Earth, entering space, and landing on Kepler 452b. A series of live performances, art installations and DJ sets will be carried out respective to eachtheme. Participants will connect with each other through interactive performances and the transformation of their own appearance.

With Ancestral Voices, Vladimir Ivkovic, Valentino Mora, Bjørn Melhus, Mikey Woodbridge, Amir Fattal, Christoph Girardet, Matthias Müller, Neel, Nihiti, Nuel, MIIIA, Ornella Fieres, Nelson Santos, Stefan Schneider, Tamandua, Mataya Waldenberg, xvii Studio, Young Boy Dancing Group, Proxima Plus ft. ZAFTIK musik, Embarrassed Years (Shani Granot, Nevo Romano, Ariel Cohen) and Daven Zang, amongst others.

Experimental Music

The leading musical characters will accompany the listener in a space race through different genres. Rising from earth’s disintegration and chaos with the dark ambient artist Ancestral Voices, the ozone layer will be broken on Stefan Schneider‘s uplifting new live set. The gatekeeper of the cosmos, Vladimir Ivkovic, will ready the dancers for their ultimate mission among the stars. After a farewell to the galaxy on Valentino Mora’s dub techno tonalities, Kepler 452b will take shape with the gloomy fast paced sounds of MIIIA, Neel and Nuel.

Art and Performance

A fantastical environment created by the crew members of Kepler 452b will greet the visitors asnthey board the spaceship. Performances will be orchestrated throughout the night. The Young Boy Dancing Group’s show is constructed with different scenes addressing sexuality, digital age, fetishes, contemporary dance, pop and youth culture. Tamandua’s imagery and performance, deeply interwoven with their passion for kinbaku, the Japan originated art of rope bondage, will demonstrate how rope becomes the tool of choice with which to navigate the world and life in general on a creative and emotional level. A performance by Mataya Waldenberg will focus on the theme of gender and its place in society, using their own body as their main medium – roaming in between male and female, the real and the fantastic. Embarrassed Years will take a nonjudgmental look at human beings’ most intimate moments, and the dance collective Proxima Plus (Irene Anglada and Marissa Medal) will bring people closer by connecting and exchanging energy to guide the “lucky ones” on their journey to Kepler 425b, accompanied by the juicy waves of ZAFTIK music.


The creations of designer Florian Máthé bring the conversation about equality and LGBTQ+ rights to the forefront while the brand new Fall/Winter Collection by artist Bjørn Melhus celebrates the financial crisis on Earth. Nelson Santos’ work is a fusion of art and fashion, exploring a different side of fashion and the dichotomy between the beautiful and the ugly. Bodies that shatter, by Xvii Studio, focuses on the contemporary phenomenon of ‘net feminism’, which conceives female melancholy as a methodological practice that questions and thwarts society’s patriarchal structures. The label DAVENZANG, by designer Daven Zang, is for unisex souls who adhere to androgynism and show their endless love to the world.

The crew of Kepler 452b…

is a group of people working in art, fashion and music who believe in cross-genre and sub-geographical collaboration. Working together from Shanghai, San Francisco, Berlin and other cities, the collective directs the spaceship on each of its outings to Kepler 452b to unite people with this collective fantasy and to imagine a future that can be created together.

Opening, September, 16, 6pm–8pm

On September 16 - one week before the launch of Kepler 452b - participants are invited to join an intimate gathering at Willner Brauerei. The night will feature a music performance by Mikey Woodbridge and a lecture and screening program by Bjørn Melhus entitled “STARDUST – The Imaginary Universe”. While Mikey’s voice explores the ambiguous realm of identities, Bjørn’s program guides the viewers through historical and present-day footage of utopias as well as films by Christoph Girardet, Matthias Müller, Amir Fattal and Ornella Fieres. The program pushes the boundaries of imagination and space travel, stimulating a reflection on the current conditions on planet Earth.

Thanks to all artists, friends and supporters!

Have a good flight. See you in space...