From Vulva Cave to Kepler 452b 


Location: Center for sex and Culture 

Date: 1st November 2018

Time: 6pm 


You are invited to join the opening of "From Vulva Cave to Kepler 452b", an exhibition, silent auction and fundraiser showcasing artwork from the Kepler artists and extended artist family from Berlin and San Francisco. Through a series of talks, performances and artwork this exhibition explores ideas surrounding gender constructs and the power of femininity in community building. 

☾ TALK ☽

Midori: Rage Rag(Lecture Performance) 

Ma Li: The Journey to Kepler 452b

Cristina Velazquez: Women of Color in the Art World

Amy K. Bell: I Love Kepler and Kepler Loves Me

(Amy's vision of Kepler as a place where adult's and children's spaces are intertwined)

Mayra Madriz: Designing Cities with and for Women

Opal Essence

Caroline Venza

Kat Parkin


Florian B. Máthé

Niki Korth


Kepler 452b Collective 

Yoon Lee

Ileana Tejada

Yu-liang Liu

Niki Korth

Katherine Vetne

Ash Higginson

Krisztina Lazar

Rona Geffen

Rebekka Jamila

Peter Dreyfuss

Daven Zang

Sai Li

Elisabeth Ajtay

Michelle Gottlieb Regenbogen

Zak Timan

Andreas Kühn

Ben Kedem

David Fine