You wish to be a part of a metaphorical space migration? Find and express your true inner essence? You are hereby invited to become a member of our community. By backing this project and/or attending any of our events, you will step into a warm and loving space shuttle. Keep reading. Enter a new world with us and help us get the project to the next level. 


Kepler 452b is an art project with a vision of creating a brighter future cultural society. This society comes to life through the Kepler events around the planet in which art, performance, music and workshops are merged and where the line between performers and audience is blurred.

 Kepler’s envisioned society has no nations and no imaginary borders. No mass fictions, no shared belief systems, no indigenous to displace, no emissions to reduce, no plastic to clean up. 

 At Kepler, we have a collective consciousness. We are all society makers. All equally important and responsible. The citizens of Kepler realize their true callings, their full inner potential and passions in life. We believe in culture, expression, compassion, sustainability, participation, inclusion, equality, collectivism, openness and LOVE. Money is replaced by the Kepler time bank with its linked Kepler tokens. 

To build the bridge from here to there, the Kepler community engages in numerous activities also in between our main events. Using social media, we build an elaborated network in which members exchange ideas, trade services, and jointly work on projects all year around, and all over the planet. We are idealists, incessantly working on turning our vision into a reality that can be experienced by all people. United, we choose. This is collective individualism. This is life on Kepler 452b. 


The first Kepler event was held on 23 September 2017 in Berlin. It was a big creative success and an amazing atmosphere. Resident Advisor labeled the event their RA top pick and we received heart warming appraisal from so many of the roughly 500 attendants. Since the last event, we have continued to recruit dedicated and passionate people, set up the legal company structure, had investor meetings, and planned future Kepler events. 


We are currently preparing for the next big Kepler event, taking place in Berlin on 16 March. If you have read this far - you may be interested in participating! This will be followed by events in Shanghai and San Francisco in 2018, as well as future destinations in the upcoming year. 


This is a great opportunity for us to reach out in this creative community of Kickstarter to connect with like-minded people who share our ideals and wish to be involved and contribute. For you who do so, this is unique opportunity to come in from left field, right into our warm and loving family. It is also a unique opportunity to acquire Kepler tokens, which can normally otherwise only be acquired by contributing to the project and performing and volunteering at the events. 

We are raising funding for operational costs, which occur over the year and help us to set up future events, support the Kepler community and set up the company structure. With the contribution of a bigger and global active members community we can also launch into more cities and integrate the members into our future events. 


With the mission of creating a global community of like-minded individuals, the nonprofit organization Kepler 452b puts on events in major cities. These events are art happenings that organize local talent and encourage collaborations in between genres and cultural exchange.

The different departments of Kepler are lead by creative individuals of the core team. Fashion, art installation, programming lectures, music line -up and production are some of the key responsibilities. 

During the early stages of the development of the program, team meetings and one-on-one meetings are the main structure we work with. Team meetings are important decision making processes, where each team member can introduce their ideas and visions. Decisions are taken by the team as a whole regarding program, social media strategies, cost control, venue and DJ line-up. 

One of the main goals of Kepler is to create an equal working situation for all genders and a fair compensation for work, which is much needed in creative industries. Furthermore we want to assist young aspiring artists in their career and help promote female artists. 

 One of the main ideas of Kepler is equality and fairness and we hope by implementing this from the start, we will create an impulse for the future.


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