Dear fellow and future Keplerians,

On this night, we open the gate and step into the Keplerian future - a dream world of cosmic vibration. Taking on our new Kepler personas, we shed individual concerns for a collective imagination, one with the power to rewrite our own reality. For it is when we dream that we attain a frequency that aids our collective destiny. The time has come to manifest a future of freedom, openness, love, compassion, and spirituality.



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+ Tatiana de La Torre

Tatiana is an entrepreneur and high-tech innovation professional with trans-local roots. She brings to Kepler her insights on networks models and organisational structures, combined with her passion and exploration on the metaphysics of power (such as those found in Tantric teachings), for a pragmatic call to action and self mastery for the future of our community.

+ Ma Li

Originally born in China, Ma Li received her MFA from the San Francisco Art Institute. She formulates dreamlike worlds using recycled materials both physical and digital. Combining her background in choreography and her upbringing in China, Ma Li orchestrates participatory performance through the methodologies of military training and childhood play. Ma Li is the recipient of a Pollack-Krasner Foundation Grant, the Murphy and Cadogan Contemporary Art Award, and has performed and exhibited internationally at art museums, galleries and venues. Her latest project was presented at the Asian Art Museum in San Francisco in Feb 2017, where she led 300 visitors to play a gigantic dance video game of watermelon-style TechnoTaichi.

+ Yalda Mousavinia

Yalda Mousavinia is a co-founder of Space Cooperative, an international worker-owned cooperative developing a network to enable global collaboration on large-scale space missions. The network will utilize blockchain technology to track mental and financial contributions from the dynamic number of participants, and will include democratic self-governance. Prior to co-founding Space Cooperative, Yalda was a Senior Product Manager at Oracle where she created solutions for the Enterprise Resource Planning cloud software suite. Her career as a product manager and designer for software companies spans 10 years. She earned her Bachelor of Science degree in Mechanical Engineering from UC Berkeley and an Astronautical Engineering Certificate from UCLA.

+ Nina Kim & Gabriel Soma

Anthropologist and therapist with experience in giving soul massage in Berlin Parties. I use Chiropractice for healing the structure, Massage for healing emotions and Reiki for healing the soul' for Gabriel Soma

Nina Kim: 'Reiki Master & Certified Massage Therapist trained in the San Francisco Bay Area uses intuitive touch and the balancing of energy to help facilitate pain relief, deep relaxation, and restoration of the body, mind and spirit'

Gabriel Soma: Anthropologist, therapist and Reiki Master with experience giving soul massage in Berlin Parties. I use Chiropractice for healing the structure, Massage for healing emotions and Reiki for healing the soul

+ Yosi Lampel

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