The birth of Ancestral Voices represents a new path for an already established and highly respected producer. Liam Blackburn carved out a singular musical voice as Indigo, and also more recently as half of the acclaimed duo Akkord. Inevitably, the new approach to creating music has developed a new identity: seeping with textures, loaded with a taut energy that whispers tales of shamanism and transformative life experiences.

Stripping back an already unique creative process proved a challenge that has paid off, and Blackburn’s evolving sound has no immediate sonic comparison. With distinct resonances of his musical heritage flowing through a more mature filter, there is a mystical atmosphere that resounds throughout his debut LP as Ancestral Voices and can be heard emerging triumphantly into the world. The Ancestral Voices debut LP is an insight into a subconscious journey: fully formed as one accomplished ‘Night Of Visions’.





Chinese Canadian electronic music artist MIIIA has been weaving her unique blend of vibes at the forefront of Shanghai’s underground music scene since she settled down in the city. With a relentless passion for creation, she continuously builds a musical dream-world that vibrates from the studio into her on-stage performances. Countless party-goers have fallen for her talent and charisma; she is truly a part of China’s current underground music movement.

After being exposed to rave culture in Canada, MIIIA began her Shanghai journey with a weekly radio session at uDance (the first 24hr underground music radio station in China). Her weekly live show ‘Tripout Session’ was ranked no.1 for the station, and for this she was invited to perform at the opening of the 1st International Radio Music Festival in Zurich. It was the beginning of an expansion out of her local scene: since then MIIIA has performed in Spain, Germany, Canada, Korea, Hong Kong, Taipei, and numerous cities in mainland China.





Italian DJ and producer Nuel is someone who explores longform grooves, meditative rhythm and soothing soundscapes. He does so on labels like Further, Latency and Aquaplano in both EP and LP form, and is at home in both the techno and ambient worlds. Prolific as ever, Nuel has plenty of material to come, all of which will reiterate his less-is-more approach: whatever it is that he cooks up, you can be sure that it will wholly suck you in and transport you to another world and mindset entirely.




Stefan Schneider


Stefan Schneider is a Düsseldorf based musician and producer who, for just over two decades, has been one of the most original and prolific voices in contemporary electronic music. Schneider is a founding member of Düsseldorf’s electronic outfit Kreidler and has also been a member of the internationally highly acclaimed trio To Rococo Rot. During the past couple of years he has also collaborated and produced with a.o. Joachim Roedelius (Cluster), Arto Lindsay, Bill Wells, Dieter Moebius (Cluster), Sofia Jernberg, Koshiro Hino (YPY/GOAT), John McEntire (tortoise) and artist Katharina Grosse.

On his fresh behind the ears label TAL, he released the music of kenyan folk singer Ogoya Nengo and The Dodos Women Group, who has recently been on another extensive tour in Europe. TAL has also issued an Ogoya Nengo EP with enthusiastic remixes by the likes of Orson, Lena Willikens, Tolouse Low Trax and DON’T DJ and, additionally, a reissue of the stunning 1982 album of Tokyo’s post punk outfit Non Band.




Valentino Mora


Seamlessly incorporating influences of movement, expression and soul into his production, Valentino Canzani Mora has never strayed far from this ethos since beginning to experiment with music at a very young age. Raised by Uruguayan parents--of which his father was a trained sound engineer and musician--Mora was constantly surrounded by music and exposed to the music production industry throughout his childhood.

Before shifting back to his given name, Mora had a string of releases including one LP under his French Fries moniker, during which time he co-curated Clekclekboom recordings, as well as taking on artistic direction for the label. Since then he has shifted his attention to his own label ‘IDO’ - or - Intercontinental Dance Organization, with co-founder Amila. Drawing inspiration from the early house scene, IDO centers around melting percussion, breaks and techno into a rhythmic migration of hypnotic soundscapes. Furthermore, IDO is Mora’s outlet for demonstrating the explorations of sound that he has experimented with between his travels in Tokyo and since relocating to Berlin.







Neel is an artist who pays close attention to the technical aspect of sound, whether producing in the studio, DJing or playing live around the world. His carefully considered output fuses rhythm and texture with techno and ambience in massively captivating ways, as demonstrated by his latest LP Phobos, which was well received by all media and set a new standard for ambient music.

Further releases on labels like Bunker NY and Spectrum Spools only confirm the uniqueness of his sound, something that also comes across in his immersive ambient AV shows at places like Mutek and Berlin Atonal--his solo live techno shows--and, of course, Voices From the Lake, his live and studio collaboration with Donato Dozzy. Neel is, therefore, a true modern-day techno craftsman who can do surreal and unusual things with sound in truly unique ways.



vladimir_ivkovic-1fb90d300d88ea619f45bf5dadcb91a3dd07c04dc2f437031038e1e49b8d8c6a (1).jpg

Vladimir Ivkovic



Born and raised in Belgrade, Yugoslavia, Ivkovic witnessed the peak of alternative culture and disintegration of normative society during his formative years. He moved to Germany in the beginning of the 90’s, and in the late 90’s to early 2000’s invited artists like Carlos Souffront, I-F. I-G, Marco Passarani, and Serge (amongst others) to play Selected and Substance events. Ivkovic is a longtime resident at the infamous Salon des Amateurs in Düsseldorf and the man behind Offen Music, a label specialized in authentic subjectivism. One of the finest selectors of hidden musical gems, he gleans from the most cloistered sonic lagoons – expect to see Loch Ness’s dragon dancing on the floor.