Kepler 452b is a “super earth” located 1,400 light years away. It has liquid water and sunshine and an environment that humans could potentially inhabit.

Kepler 452b is also the banner name of multi-location art happenings within the context of electronic music -and art festivals. There are fully orchestrated dreamlike spaces which blur the lines distinguishing performer and audience. By generating positive energy to raise frequency and vibration, audiences are inspired to reach their highest self-expression and land on planet Kepler metaphorically, emotionally, and spiritually. Analogous to a great space migration, the journey is an internal process, upgrading one to the super-self that inspires a personal and collective transformation. 

Kepler 452b is also an artist and humanist community based in Berlin with members around the world. With the philosophy of Techno Tai Chi(Techno is the freedom of authentic self-expression and unification, Tai Chi is the balance), interdisciplinary artists are trained to become Spiritual Techno Queer Icons, aka the Kepler gods.

Kepler gods are intergalactic influential ravers that master the secrets of frequency and vibration. They are the bright warriors who defeat evils and sufferings by generating positive energy and manifesting the vibes on planet Kepler. By creating new structures for exchange, education, and family, Kepler gods are on a mission to co-design a better future society based in compassion, sustainability, love, and collective-individualism.

Ma Li

Founder and Art Director 


The Manifesto of Collective Individualism, Keplerian Style

Kepler 452-b has no nations and no imaginary borders. We’ve found no mass fictions, no shared belief systems, no indigenous to displace, no emissions to reduce, no plastic to clean up. No extinctions on our consciences. All its animals are safe from us. Where do we begin?

We stare at the dollars in our pockets; mere paper, here under the yellow sun of Kepler. This is a planet with no property.

And where there is no money and no carbon economy, no capitalism, no imperialist drive, where do we begin? How do we be without the usual constructs to support or resist?

We are all society makers; we are all aliens.
Some days we are the chaff; some days we are the wheat.

We, the people of Kepler, live by one question, a question we are constantly revisiting: of all our accumulated experiences and education, all our lessons learned, what do we bring with us to Kepler, to the future? What do we leave to the finality of the past?

We will find the words for the lives we want.
They live on our tongues and move through our bones.

Here, equality lives as a form of energy – glowing despite periods of darkness, assertive despite resistance, transformative despite attempts to contain it. Equality is everywhere in the space between us. Between people. Between people and all non-human life. This is cosmic equality which radiates through our actions and provides meaning to our lives.

United, we choose. This is collective individualism. This is life on Kepler 452-b.

May our strengths nurture our weaknesses. May our vulnerabilities be our guide.

The Citizens of Kepler 452-b


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