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Kepler 452b is a sixteen-hour immersive event combining art, performance, installation, fashion, music and dance party. Using the metaphor of space migration, our event will create a venue for envisioning possible futures - of openness, collective action, inclusion, self-expression and collective-individualism.

Discovered by NASA in 2015, Kepler 452b is a potentially habitable super-Earth that is 1,400 light years away. In order to transport people from the Planet Earth to Kepler 452b, a surrounding projection will simulate an environments with visuals, videos and animations throughout the party. The night will be separated into three chapters, starting on Earth, then entering space and navigating through star systems, and finally landing on Kepler 452b. Along with a line-up of DJs and live music, a series of performances will be carrieds out based on each theme. From desert to space to Kepler 452b. Projections will include a series of video works that are selected from a variety of artists. Participants will become part of the installation and connect with each other through interactive performances and transformation of their own appearance.


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